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Exposure 4k





EXPOSURE: Single-channel version for 4K projection

Originally presented as a synchronized, 3-channel 1080p HD video installation, this shortened, single-channel version has been re-rendered for 4K projection incorporating the full detail of the high-resolution master image files.

In the process of creating the 4K version of EXPOSURE, print editions comprised of photo compositions from the three sequences were created.

EXPOSURE_4K is included as part of CineGrid’s research into high-bandwidth, high-resolution content distribution platforms and display technologies.

Duration – 2:58
Year Produced – 2001/2008

Animated Still Images
3D LIDAR Data Visualization

Pixel Resolution: 3840 x 2160 (4 x HD)

Summary (Description) – X-rayed trucks and a laser-scanned house slowly transform over time, imagery representing culture obsession with hyper-vigilance, penetration, security and control.


Marie Sester, Concept and Direction
David Lawrence, Principal Collaborator
Jim McKee, Sound Design
Cyra Technologies, Oakland, CA Laser scan technology
Heimann Systems, Orly, France, X-ray image technology
Hector Bracho, Calit2, San Diego, CA, 4K encoding

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