Marie Sester

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We attached speakers to the underside of the box for the sound to emanate from.  Merche Blasco is creating the sound for the piece.  Two speakers that are small enough to fit under the box have been attached and connected to an Arduino Wave Shield.  After testing speakers inside the box, we knew that we needed to keep the speakers outside of the box.  The inner tray severely dampened the noise making it nearly impossible to hear any range of sound.  While this is good to soften the noise of the actuators, it will not work for sound intended to be heard.

We found very small speakers which we bolted to the bottom with rubber washers so they would not vibrate against the base of the box.  The wires run through a hole and directly into the microcontroller.

The effect of having the speakers beneath the box feels like the sound is coming from off in the distance.

Sound by Merche Blasco.