Lilypad, Bluetooth and first lectures

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In order to be able to have the first lectures of the sensors incorporated we started building our first wearable bracelet with the two sensors incorporated. We incorporated a Lilypad Arduino simple board and we connected the GSR and the Temperature sensor to two different analog inputs of the board.

We did several tests with the two temperature sensors and we noticed that the first one we tried was reacting faster to small changes which seemed more appropriate to our final goal, so we chose that one.

Here are some images of the process:

 In order to be able to do long term lectures, and getting a step closer to the final prototype, the bracelet had to communicate wireless with the application that would save the data collected. So the next thing we worked on was bluetooth + lilypad. After several issues with the battery and the bluetooth system itself we got them working together. We used the Bluetooth Mate Gold modem.

 With all these components mounted together we have been wearing the bracelet and collecting DATA that we can pass to the other members of the team. We are working also on the application for visualizing the text files with all the DATA.

This is an screenshot of the visualization running:

The next step would be linking the bracelet with an Android where we can store the lectures collected in any type of situation, far from the computer.