Lilypad, Bluetooth and first lectures

<< Back to the KYOSAKU blog In order to be able to have the first lectures of the sensors incorporated we started building our first wearable bracelet with the two sensors incorporated. We incorporated a Lilypad Arduino simple board and we connected the GSR and the Temperature sensor to two different analog inputs of the board. … Read more

GSR and skin temperature

<< Back to the KYOSAKU blog According to the last results we had, we started working on a wearable prototype that could give us more stable lectures of the different sensors. We used for that one of those “tennis bracelets”. We first incorporated two stripes of stretch conductive fabric to measure the GSR. We could … Read more

Working on the first prototype – Day one

<< Back to the KYOSAKU blog Today we started doing some tests with the components we ordered to monitor: – Heart rate – Skin Temperature For the heart-rate we did some tests with the pulse sensor ordered online and created by Joel Murphy and Yury Gitman. It was pretty straightforward to plug and play. It seemed … Read more