MIRROR, 2007

MIRRORMIRROR is a surveillance vanity mirror which detects presence. It follows a found person so that her face is always in its center. By taking this product and turning it into a surveillance tool, the use of the mirror is perverted. This mirror is no longer a static piece of reflective glass where you can see your image, but an interactive eye that is following you.

Technical Description

MIRROR is a self-contained work, entirely plug-and-play. Using a small built-in video camera and ultrasonic sensors, it tracks a moving observer by panning and tilting so that the observer is constantly facing the mirror. MIRROR was developed with custom software and completely designed and fabricated using computerized manufacturing.

MIRROR Concept and Detailed Description


MIRROR Demonstration 1:18, 2007
credits: Marie Sester/Scott Fitzgerald/Editors

MIRROR @Miami 2007
credits: Bryce Wolkowitz gallery, NY



Marie Sester : Concept and Direction
Perry Hoberman : Final software & Electronics design and Fabrication
Pylon Technical : initial software & Electronics design and Computer aided design
ADM-Works : Computer aided manufacturing

With initial grant support from:
Creative Capital Foundation, NY

Special thanks to:
Loretta Savery
Stella Hall
Michael Naimark