, 2005-2007 is an interactive installation with web surveillance interface in which movie frames from a montage of violent excerpts from films, news media, and computer games “attack” visitors via a robotic video projector and computer vision tracking system.

The compilation exhausts the all-pervasive content of contemporary everyday life filled with visuals and sounds and actions of violence turned into entertainment. These violent scenes are intercut with domestic scenes of people passively engaged in mass media entertainment.

The public-space projection moves in fluid patterns along a wall, sometimes meeting the ceiling, sometimes the floor, and at irregular intervals swiftly “jumps”, with a burst of sound, onto the body of a person chosen randomly.

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VIDEO at Laboral, Spain, 2007
Credits: Apolonia Panagopoulos, Marie Sester Preview at CALARTS
, January 2006
Credits: Justin Hall, Marie Sester Animation, 2006
Credits: Pylon Technical

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