Lilypad, Bluetooth and first lectures

<< Back to the KYOSAKU blog In order to be able to have the first lectures of the sensors incorporated we started building our first wearable bracelet with the two sensors incorporated. We incorporated a Lilypad Arduino simple board and we connected the GSR and the Temperature sensor to two different analog inputs of the board. … Read more

GSR and skin temperature

<< Back to the KYOSAKU blog According to the last results we had, we started working on a wearable prototype that could give us more stable lectures of the different sensors. We used for that one of those “tennis bracelets”. We first incorporated two stripes of stretch conductive fabric to measure the GSR. We could … Read more

Working on the first prototype – Day one

<< Back to the KYOSAKU blog Today we started doing some tests with the components we ordered to monitor: – Heart rate – Skin Temperature For the heart-rate we did some tests with the pulse sensor ordered online and created by Joel Murphy and Yury Gitman. It was pretty straightforward to plug and play. It seemed … Read more

EXPOSURE, 2001/2008

EXPOSURE Prints EXPOSURE_4K   EXPOSURE: a 3-channel HD video installation EXPOSURE is a projection-based installation consisting of images of X-rayed vehicles juxtaposed with architecture. The installation was developed in 2001 as the fifth and last installment in a series of video-based work that explores how X-ray imagery was used for surveillance, pre-9/11. “EXPOSURE offers surveillance … Read more

MIRROR, 2007

MIRROR is a surveillance vanity mirror which detects presence. It follows a found person so that her face is always in its center. By taking this product and turning it into a surveillance tool, the use of the mirror is perverted. This mirror is no longer a static piece of reflective glass where you can … Read more, 2005-2007 is an interactive installation with web surveillance interface in which movie frames from a montage of violent excerpts from films, news media, and computer games “attack” visitors via a robotic video projector and computer vision tracking system. The compilation exhausts the all-pervasive content of contemporary everyday life filled with visuals and sounds and actions … Read more

ACCESS, 2003

ACCESS is an interactive art installation that lets web users track anonymous individuals in public places, by pursuing them with a robotic spotlight and an acoustic beam system. The work is about our obsession with surveillance, control, visibility, and celebrity. Concept ACCESS is a public art installation that applies web, computer, sound and lighting technologies … Read more

L’Architecture du Paradis, 2000

L’Architecture Du Paradis is a spatialized installation involving a series of 5 video sequences projected onto four wide walls, whose projections are periodically interrupted by sound and light effects. Leonardo Journal published L’Architecture du Paradis Artist Pages (p 33-34) Vol. 36, Issue 1 February 2003, MIT Press. There are 3 main problematics involved: 1) The … Read more

Artifice and Sensation, 1999

Artifice and Sensation is a series of 4 projected video sequences periodically interrupted by black images while the sound continues. The theme is that of artifice and sensation as the uniquely human expression of mind, focusing on different perspectives, related to the forms of the city, the notion of transparency and the Western ideology. The … Read more


Four Engines is a 20 feet wide x 8’ high video projection. The video shows the metamorphosis of four engines. The vehicles, X-rayed for detection, are: a boat which is subsequently transformed into a tractor before becoming a tank, which, in turn, metamorphozises into a semi-articulated truck. The transformations are slow and gradual. Specific colors … Read more


Moved Settlement is an invented space that attempts to liberate the physical body wandering through it from all preconceived cultural or ideological association. The design of the space resists customary Western styles of furnishings. Outside of the Settlement, a video of x-rayed luggage plays atop a typical Western table accompanied by a similar typical chair. … Read more

LUGGAGE X, 1996/2011

Luggage_X_3_3 is a project that stems from my interest in x-rays, and their use as tools of surveillance. Initially fascinated by the beauty of the images, I was intrigued by the fact I was not allowed to stay and watch this representation of the luggage as it rolled through the security checkpoint. Obtaining permission to … Read more


Apartment is a scenario-installation. It extracts, in its true dimensions, the plan of a functional apartment, as designed by Bauhaus and promoted by the Functionalists. The intent of Apartment, representing our daily housing standard, is to provoke and to challenge other highly structured architectures through various displacements. It is made out of plexiglass (3.5’ high … Read more


Hotel Room presents the layout of a typical hotel room by extracting it from its context and shaping low walls, in order to give the elements for a reading. A hotel room is the result of a specific idea of the use of space. Everybody in the Western world knows how to use it. There … Read more